Originally published on Medium April 2019

If you’ve been living on the far side of the moon, even you still may be aware that Game of Thrones is coming to it’s :fingers-crossed: epic conclusion.

David Lynch as a creepy wolf thing…Courtesy of Flying Lotus

What’s more, I recently discovered some equally epic news, Flying Lotus is returning with a new album, Flamagra, his first since 2014’s haunting magnum opus, You’re Dead. To drum up anticipation, Flying Lotus released a curious video for “Fire is Coming,” an ambient spoken word track with a feature from director, actor, and all-around kick-ass artist, David Lynch. Watch it here before I ruin it for you.

While it’s highly possible that Flying Lotus is from another planet, I mean, have you seen “Until the Quiet Comes”, or that whole Captain Murphy thing, it is difficult to believe he would be unaware of GoT. I would even suggest he may be a super fan. How else would he put together a video with so many apparent nods to HBO’s adaptation of George R.R. Martin’s fantasy epic A Song of Ice and Fire. Here’s the evidence I found.

First, wolf children. A reference to everyone’s favorite semi-functional TV family. the Starks. Sure, after 60 some odd shows you may have forgotten they began their journey as mere children, in fact, my sister informs me that, in the book, they start the story a year younger.

Second, the three-eyed wolf rolled in on a wheelchair. Clearly a reference to Bran Stark, rambunctious wolf child turned creepy, dickish, “Three-eyed Raven” with the super-power of telling you what you had for breakfast (oh and if your his sister he’ll remind you how you were raped by your abusive, forced marriage, sociopath husband, nice one Bran). Staring out of the mouth of FlyLo’s three-eyed wolf is an equally creepy disembodied head of David Lynch. The three-eyed wolf tells the wolf children a story of a young boy named Tommy and a man who must run because…

Fire is Coming… Courtesy of HBO…

FIRE IS COMING. Need I say more. The Stark family motto is the iconic “Winter is Coming.” Could this be a warning? Is FlyLo concerned that Dany and Jon (aka Aegon Targaryen Sixth of his Name) may turn on the Starks, hop on their dragons, and rain down fire upon the Seven Kingdoms? Will the wolf children survive the fire? Is FlyLo shipping Bran and Nymeria’s Wolf Pack? Few know how the series will end, maybe this is FlyLo’s way of sharing his predictions with us.

Finally, is it any coincidence that Flamagra will drop on May 24th, shortly after the conclusion of Game of Thrones on May 19th? Perhaps, or perhaps not. All I know is that I’m waiting for both with bated breath.