Originally published on Medium in October 2018

How many dresses do you have with pockets? Go ahead count them? One? Three? half a dozen? The answer might depend on how many articles of clothing you have in your closet. I went to my own closet and counted three out of a dozen or so dresses. Three!

One of my own dresses with pockets. Dress: Armani Exchange, Photo cred: Me

Feminine functionality in fashion isn’t a thing, not really. Women already know this. It’s not usually top of mind. We are used to our clothing not being very functional.

I had an ex-boyfriend who used to laugh when people (me) forgot where they placed their wallet or keys or cell phone. He pointed out he always had his wallet, keys, cell phone, in his pockets. Every time, he left the house he just padded each of his pockets to make sure he had what he needed. Needless to say, the relationship didn’t last. But I did give him a few valuable lessons in the differences between men’s and women’s clothing.

Men’s clothing is full of functionality. Suits have all kinds of pockets. Pants pockets, blazer pockets, pockets inside the blazer, everything a man would want to carry can fit in a pocket of his suit, wallet, comb, cell phone. Even the skinniest of jeans have wide enough pockets for a small thin wallet. Women’s clothing often does not have such luxuries.

If women’s clothing is functional, it is often frumpy and/or unfeminine. Take the trusty pantsuit for example. Pantsuits have come a long way since the 80s. They aren’t dresses. If you want to wear a dress that is pretty and functional as my closet can attest, it’s hard to find.

My good friend dreams of making Dress with Pockets(CC). Dresses that she makes, curates, and sells. She wants dresses that are beautiful with pockets for women to put their phones, wallets, and lipsticks in.