From Kamala Harris’s camel-colored stunner at the COVID memorial service to Bernie’s cozy Burton parka, the coat game was next level. The hot takes on inauguration fashion are already up. The critics loved the looks. The fashion was bright and colorful. They were joyous while still being able to acknowledge the need for a somber tone. Not an easy task. 

I really don’t know how to pick a favorite. I loved Harris’ grandnieces matching fake fur coats and the sparkly shoulders of her step-daughter Ella Emhoff’s Mui Mui jacket. Madame Vice-President (wow I love typing that) and Dr. Jill Biden chose American designers as per tradition. 

Kamala Harris at the 2021 Inauguration

It was a rainbow palette. Dr. Biden’s aqua blue from Markarian was perfect for the moment. Harris wore all purple during the day, the color of suffragettes, in a look designed by Christopher John Rogers. Amanda Gorman proved you can wear yellow and red together and outshine Lady Gaga when she paired a gorgeous yellow coat with an oversized red headband both from Prada. Lady Gaga looked great in Schiaparelli even if she didn’t get the long coat memo. We expect over the top from her and she delivered with her ball gown and oversized gold bird brooch. There was Jennifer Lopez in all white. Nancy Pelosi with her matching coat and mask look. Even Amy Klobuchar made a statement with her mustard yellow coat. 

Michelle Obama at the 2021 Inauguration

Michelle Obama well Michell Obama looked like the superhero she is in an outfit by Sergio Hudson. I want that look. By that I mean, I want that look to wear right now while I work from home. We can’t forget President Biden’s granddaughter Natalie Biden’s pink coat with a matching mask. She might be trying to take Pelosi’s claim to the best mask to outfit matcher in D.C. Plus, pink is not an easy color to wear. You’ve got to get just the right shade or you end up looking washed out.  

How could we not mention Bernie’s practical meme-able Burton parka and hand-knitted mitten combo? Bernie brought Vermont snowboarder cool to Washington and climate consciousness. The mittens as everyone knows by now were made by a schoolteacher with recycled materials. He’s a fashion icon precisely because he is trying not to be one. The meme of Bernie and his mittens in every imaginable setting has brought so many good hearty chuckles in a time when we need something silly to laugh about. It also gave some shine to the many crafters and knitters out there laboring away for the love of knitting.

I would love to see more men up their fashion game at these events. Gentlemen let’s add some pocket squares, bright scarves, hats, coats that aren’t either black, navy, or brown.  Speaking of scarves political men could take a note from athletes and Serge Ibaka when it comes to scarves. Garth Brooks did make the adventurous choice to wear jeans. And Harris’s niece’s husband, Nikolas Ajagu, paired sneakers with his suit. There are glimmers of hope out there for the men. 

Kamala Harris at the Celebrating America Broadcast on the evening of the Inauguration

The show-stealer was Harris’s tuxedo jacket on the evening of the Inauguration. I need an emoji to truly express my feelings for this. It was simply gorgeous. The perfect long black jacket to conceal a sequined gown underneath. It contrasted perfectly with Jill Biden’s all-white look. If this is an administration that can coordinate their looks, you bet they can coordinate a vaccine rollout. I’m not being glib here. It was a cold windy day in January. Despite that everyone wanted to look their best and brightest.