Writing has always been something that I wanted to get into but finding what to write about was the hard part. You can want to write but what can you write about that feels like you could do it forever?

The answer for me has always been there and once I started on this journey of DJing it brought me back to my first love Music. My appetite for music has always been great and no matter the mood I was in there was always something to listen to from the smooth sound of Marvin Gaye’s what’s going on (not to mention the message in that song)

Hearing the dueling guitar of Don Felder and Jo Walsh on The Eagles’ song Hotel California and an album I discovered today called What’s Your Pleasure by Jessie Ware. Music has always been the soundtrack to my life and now that it’s become a tool for me to make the perfect DJ sets I have again fallin’ in love.

Now it’s been a learning curve beginning the process of DJing and music leaving the space of frequencies and notes that curve to your mood and now having them be tools to help others. At first, it was extremely difficult to get comfortable because I was thinking about what I was doing and not feeling the music. I started listening to other DJs talk about why they love playing music and it hit me that I am in control of the decks and the thought put into what I am playing will help me put together a better set. The more I got lost in the sounds the more I started

I am 6 months away from playing my first wedding gig and building with excitement. Every month here I will share some ups and downs as well as some great music I have discovered along the way.

Here is an album for you guys to listen to:

JESSIE WARE – what’s your pleasure?