Geneva’s latest single ‘Probably’ is a poppy soul-infused take on the lover you didn’t pursue but would’ve if you could’ve. More correctly it’s about crushing on someone when you’re in a committed relationship.

Cover art for “Probably”

The New Year is that reflective time. A time when we think about the past, the present and our hopes for the future. And sometimes we let our minds wander down paths not taken or should I say paths we won’t be taking. Oh, the possibilities!

Being attracted to or even fantasizing about someone while you’re in a relationship is an everyday occurrence. What is rare? Is for us to admit that we have spent time pondering our attractions to another person. For women, especially, we are encouraged to keep those desires to ourselves. We are told by society that women generally want monogamous relationships, relationships in which we love and desire our partner the most, all of the time. This is a tall order. Add to that, a popular culture which tells us those on the other side of the gender binary have bigger sexual desires and roamier eyes. But all of that simply isn’t true.

So fantasize we do. The hot guy at the bar or our sexy colleague might capture our attention. We might think we probably would if only we weren’t committed. Hell, some of us might think that a lot. We just don’t talk about it. Women’s desire even when not deemed appropriate by the standards of our culture’s monogamous relationships is something to be celebrated. All the messy desires and longings and loves are part of what makes us human.

While admitting to having desires and fantasies outside our relationships is revolutionary so is being contented with what we have. And that’s the two sides of this song. Yea we probably would but we won’t and that’s ok too.

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