One of the many hilarious tweets on Meghan and Prince Harry’s big announcement.

Twitter memes notwithstanding, Meghan Markle, the Duchess of Cambridge did not actually steal her husband, Prince Harry. They did, however, stun the Twitterverse and Instagram world with a statement saying they would step back from their duties as senior royals, become financially independent, and move. Kudos for them for wanting to move towards being financially independent. It’s a big step. The most interesting part of the statement was that they also planned to begin splitting their official residence between Britain and North America. Folks they are moving out of grandma’s house.

Meghan and her husband announce their departure on Instagram

Now, let me establish right here that ‘North America’ is code for Canada. Why not just say Canada? Lots of reasons. Media sees the word Canada and will be less inclined to report on it. Audiences hearing or reading it will wonder, ‘Why not live in the US?’ and ask unnecessary or even rude questions. Lastly, those of us who aren’t Canadian but live or spend time in Canada use it so we aren’t mistaken as being actual Canadians.

I have a bit of a fascination with Meghan Markle. She’s an American who spent much of her 30s living in Toronto. She met her ‘prince charming’ in her 30s and had her first child after 35. Hell, she even convinced him to live on her continent! Amazing. Essentially, I like her because she gives me hope. That I too could if I wanted to steal a prince.

She also appears to be a smart self-assured woman who is not afraid to be vulnerable. Both relatable and aspirational. And I imagine that she understands what it’s like to be American spending much of their time in Canada. While the couple could very well have used the term, ‘North America’ because they mean to spend time in both the US and Canada, I like to dream that they prefer to stay north of the border. Toronto is just so much cooler than most of the US. Why wouldn’t they want to be in Canada if they can?

I will admit that I am biased. Canada and Toronto are great places to be. Over the years, I’ve heard Canadians ask ‘Why do you want to be here?’ My answer is ‘Why wouldn’t you want to be here?’ There are people from all over the world. And they live and work together! Toronto, specifically, has great food. There is great music and culture. The film community is exciting. There is health care. Women get a year’s maternity leave. And they are even debating banning handguns. Oh, the west coast of the country is stunning. Again, why wouldn’t you want to live in Canada?

This isn’t to paint Canada as some type of utopia. It’s got its problems. There is the issue of rising rents in its major cities. First Nation’s people continue to suffer. General run-of-the-mill discrimination exists all over the place. Environmental issues are real. The government is often trying to cut services, etc. etc. These issues are significant and should be addressed. People in Canada need to be vigilant and protect what they have while fighting for those that still struggle in their country. Canada is far from perfect. The grass is almost always greener on the other side of somewhere.

Through it all, this cold country but not as cold everywhere as people believe is a place full of hope. It is a place trying to take care of its people. I can see why the Sussexes want to raise their son on this side of the pond. They may have said ‘North America’ but those who know, know where they mean. And we know just how cool it is.